Galaxy Nexus – The Ice Cream Has Arrived

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Nexus

The millennium has proved to be the start of something great for the mobile phone industry. In recent years, companies have produced mobile phones which are powered by operating systems as fast as a computer.

Since the release of the T-Mobile G1, many mobile phone companies have released their own line of android phones. The latest, best-ever android phone released by Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus.

Gingerbread is now a thing in the past, Google with the help of Samsung brings to us the ice cream truck with the latest Ice Cream Sandwich. The Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest operating system android has produced. It boasts of unique ways of communicating as well as – what users most love about the Android phones – convenience in multitasking, the easy to customize displays, the different widgets and much more.

Let’s have a look at some of the different yet unique features of the latest Nexus. It is powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS with stock UI, Quad-band GSM, Dual-core 1.2GHz Cortex A9 CPU. It has 5 mega pixel cam with autofocus, 1.3 mega pixel featuring front facing device, It also has a slim profile at 8.9mm.

While there are great, new features of this beauty, there are also drawbacks. The camera resolution for one is superior to other handsets which are of high-end quality, however, it does not have a micro SD slot. Now this could be one major problem for those users who love to store pictures and music in their phones.

Well there you have it, a sneak peek of the newest Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The question now arises; will it be the next big thing in the market? We won’t know until the year ends. But the fact that it carries with the latest hardware as well as software; you might have an idea as far as its impact in the market is concerned.

You can get the Galaxy Nexus on Amazon:

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  1. Edward

    This sounds like a great phone but why did they take away the ability to use a Micro SD card for the pictures and such that you might want to save? Unless they increased the memory to that of the Ipod or something. It didn’t say in the article what the memory capacity was so this could very well be the case. Thank you for posting this information, do you know what the memory is?

  2. Kristine

    Thank you for posting this information. Did they by chance increase the memory on this phone so that you wouldn’t need a Micro SD memory card? Do you know how much memory it has? This is very curious I will have to do some more research and see what I can dig up. I look forward to seeing these though when they come out on the market, do you know when that will be?

  3. admin

    Actually the problem is that there is only 16 GB of internal Memory. Of course compared to my first desktop that is huge, but compared to some other phones that do have micro SDs it is not that big.

  4. Sandra

    I didn’t notice that there was a release date on the blog do you know when that is possibly? I have an upgrade coming up in September and I would very much be interested in this phone. Do you know why they chose Ice Cream as the name? I guess that makes it easy to remember doesn’t it? I am really glad I ran across this blog otherwise I wouldn’t have know about it.

  5. Wilber

    This is a very nice looking phone you said this was coming out this summer is there any way that you can be more specific? I am thinking of upgrading this summer and I need to know what month to do it? This looks like a great buy did they take the micro SD card out of it and increase the memory on it or is the SD card still there?

  6. Robert

    I think I want one of these, do they come in any other color than black or is that gun metal gray? My favorite color is blue do they have one of these in dark blue? Or maybe purple? Why do they call it “Ice Cream anyway? Will you be posting anymore new phones that are coming out this year? I’m supposed to able to upgrade this summer and I want to know my options.

  7. Brandon

    I use Virgin Mobile cellular service because there is no contract and it offers the best rates in comparison to other cellular carrier plans which do not offer unlimited minutes. For only $20 bucks, you get one thousand minutes and texts. For some that may not be enough, but for me it is plenty. The only drawback is that it comes with the cheapest of LG phones. So I’m in the market for a smart phone upgrade

  8. Sandra

    I didn’t notice when this phone will hit the market. Do you know when that will be? Do they have other colors available in this phone? My family is eligible for an upgrade in September and my daughter would like something like this. If you have any other information like when it will be released please let us know. I look forward to seeing your next post.

  9. James

    I’m hoping that this phone will come out around September or October because that’s when I can upgrade my phone the cheapest. If they come out before that by the time I get one it’ll be outdated and a new one will have come out on the market. I’m curious as to why they took the Micro SD card slot out of it though, unless they boosted the hard drive memory. Do you know?

  10. John

    Will they have more colors available then just the one you show on your blog? Is that a gun metal gray or a metallic black? It’s pretty but I’m hoping they have different colors that way if the whole family gets one we can tell them apart. I’d bet they will have little protective covers as well won’t they? Of course I think those are a waste of money because you eventually take them off.

  11. Jorge

    I am currently looking for a smart phone that has a keypad that can pull out or built into the surface because I happen to text about as much as some teens. This Nexus looks like a very sleek phone. I am assuming it has a touch pad. I might consider this brand, even though I have boycotted Samsung flat panel televisions because they are built to expire in a year. That is why there is a class action law suit pending against Samsung.

  12. Nella

    Forget all those nifty little features of this new smart mobile device. All I could think about as I was reading through this article were references made to this new operating system called ice cream sandwich. Strangely, this cause my mind to drift off as I started to think about how Walmart is only around the corner from me and how I could get there and buy myself a box of Chipwhich ice cream sandwiches.

  13. Ethel

    This looks and sounds like a great phone, if they increased the memory on it and the camera resolution then there really isn’t any need to have a Micro SD card is there? I didn’t see where you mentioned when this will be released to the market. Maybe you did and I missed it I don’t know but would you mind replying to this comment when you think that might be?

  14. Edward

    Where do you suppose they come up with the names to these phones? Whoever was working on this phone really was having a craving for an ice cream sandwich right? I am glad I came across your post because I was going to go with the Iphone but now I am having second thoughts. Will this be on the market by October of this year?

    • admin

      Edward, I have to admit the android operating system names do sound delicious, but if you look at the history of the android article you will see they have just been named for whatever delicious dessert started with the next letter. My only problem is the next letter is J and the only thing I can think of that starts with J is Jell-O. Hardly a gourmet dessert.

  15. Annette

    I was half expecting these phones to be really bright colors or at least resemble ice cream in some way but they didn’t. How did they come up with ice cream sandwich for the name on this phone anyway? I guess it fits the pattern though all of the smart phones ends up having some kind of weird name. Thanks for posting this though I will keep a look out for it.

    • admin

      Annette, see my reply to Phyllis and look at the history of the android article to get a better understanding of why the term ice cream sandwich is used.

  16. Wayne

    I have a very old phone and I want to upgrade to a smart phone. For someone like me would you recommend something besides this ice cream sandwich phone to start out with? I was thinking maybe this one is to complicated. I look forward to it coming out though because I want to go check them all out. I may just go with the Iphone.

    • admin

      Wayne, if you have never used an android phone there certainly would be a learning curve, and to say that a 10-year-old could do it, why that would be true, really wouldn’t count, because the kids today practically live on their telephones and are probably more familiar with them and just about anyone. Once you get used to it you wouldn’t find that it was that difficult to use, but it really would depend on what you want to do with the phone. You should never buy a telephone because it’s the latest and greatest, you should buy it because we’ll do the things you want to do. So figure that out, and find a phone that will do it.

  17. Phyllis

    I am a bit confused. Is the term ice cream sandwich used for the mobile device itself or for its operating system? In either case, I think it is a hidden reference used by the company that manufactures it to thumb its nose at the oblivious consumer market. It’s called ice cream because it will remain relevant to the mobile phone market about as long as an ice cream sandwich lasts outside of the freezer. Soon those who rush to buy the latest gadget, will soon again by buying yet another one.

    • admin

      Phyllis, the term “ice cream sandwich”refers to the latest operating system released by Android. If you look at the post having to do with the history of Android, he will see that all of the android operating systems have been named alphabetically after desserts. I suggest reading That to get an idea of what the ice cream sandwich is all about.

  18. Nathaniel

    Is there any other colors? I was hoping by the name that there would be many more colors just like different flavors of ice cream. I am not sure if I agree with taking the Micro SD card out unless they really increased the memory space on it or not. I will say that I am looking forward to it coming out on the market though. Do you know how much it will run?

  19. Joseph

    Thank you for posting this, I wasn’t looking for a new phone right now but I may have to rethink that when this comes out and I have a chance to see it in person. You have put a lot of information out there that you won’t hear about from the phone companies so I am glad I ran across this blog. Thank you for publishing all of this you did a great job.

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